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Biden’s Inflation: Stealing our Money

Updated: May 2, 2022

First, the government shut down the economy, with a pandemic scare. Then, they paid everybody to sit at home while nothing was being produced, to "flatten the curve." To make matters worse, they shut down our fuel production. After that, they threw away billions of dollars worth of military equipment in Afghanistan. Now, they send billions of dollars to Ukraine to fight Russia.

How do they pay for all of this? By printing money out of thin air.

They try to convince us to blame the capitalists for our economic woes while they steal our money for the next five generations.

Inflation is a hidden tax. The more you get paid the more taxes you pay. That is why they raise the minimum wage. However, prices also go up. Because of this, the power of the dollars you are paid is weaker and the taxes on the items you buy go up as the price goes up.

At this rate, even if the government only spends one more dollar, it will make inflation worse. Because that is what printing money out of thin air does.

Their Keynesian economics are bankrupting this country.

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