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STOP CORPORATE TYRANNY! Creeping Socialism in the business sector.

Updated: Feb 27, 2022

The US government has allowed businesses to dictate how people conduct themselves outside of the workplace and what they must do with their own bodies. They dictate what you may/may not post on social media, what organizations you can belong to, and now, what should be your private decisions made between you and your healthcare providers.

Unless you start your own business, you merely prostitute your services to one master or another.

I would encourage everyone to invest in starting their own businesses but I digress.

Let me be clear. I am a staunch supporter of capitalism. If someone starts a business and becomes wealthy, that is great. If someone else works for a business and utilizes his/her talents to make that product the best it can be, terrific. However, when businesses usurp the laws of the Constitution by trespassing upon the rights of their employees, those businesses have violated the law.

Corporations should not be given the same rights as individual citizens and corporate lobbies should be illegal.

On September 9, 2021, President Joe Biden announced a vaccine mandate, demanding that businesses force their employees to get vaccinated. This is fascism in all its glory.

Fascism, Marxism, nazism, communism, progressivism, etc, are all forms of socialism. That is where the centralized government controls all parts of industry and society. It is dangerous to the citizen. When the president can demand that businesses violate the rights of their employees, that is tyranny and puts the president in the position of dictator. This is the very reason why Socialism must be rejected in the United States.

It should be the duty of the government to ensure that corporations do not encroach on our natural rights.

- Publius

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