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I Had An Epiphany

Updated: May 2, 2022

I am no longer against illegal immigration.

Well, not exactly and there is a caveat . Let me explain.

I believe that capitalism is the best economic model. Therefore, why would I hire some unambitious loser, who never bothered or will bother to learn a skill, $18 per hour to make hamburgers when I can hire an illegal alien for half that much to do the same job, maybe even better?

This is classic Laissez-faire capitalism.

I would suggest that those who disagree are not capitalists but socialists.

What I propose will make Democrats' heads spin.

Since the Democrats refuse to enforce our border laws, governors and mayors in Republican-controlled strongholds should announce that they will refuse to enforce the minimum wage. If an illegal alien or anyone will work a minimum wage job for $3 per hour, businesses will be free to hire them. Maybe, they can even be free to work for wages, "off the record," if you know what I mean.

If the government lowered the minimum wage, inflation would end and companies would be able to hire twice the number of employees they now can.

Seriously, we still need to do background checks on the people trying to immigrate into our country but if the Democrats want to keep raising the minimum wage, let's call their bluff.

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